Just upgraded to Windows 10 Threshold 2 (TH2) on my Lenovo U410

It took a few days but then suddenly, the Update window notified me that I had a scheduled restart to handle an update.

The reboot/restart process took definitely the better part of 90 minutes and then, after you logged in there was yet another 15-20 minute update process.

Initial Thoughts

Things feel a bit snappier but from reading other people's initial reviews, it seems like a lot of the settings have reset back to their defaults (i.e. desktop background colours, default apps, etc.). The windows definitely resize more quicker than before. I will see if the sporatic sudden freezing in Windows 10 still occurs.

I'm not a huge fan of the bright blue default accent colour used when the background colour is dark (e.g. black). I had to turn off the Automatically pick an accent color from my background and select a more eye pleasing colour.

OneDrive also keeps popping up and asking me to log in (even though I have set it to not launch on startup).

One continually pet peeve is that the basic calculator app still takes a full 2-3 seconds on the splashscreen before I can calculate something. I miss having an instant-on calculator... besides it's just a calculator. If this is where things are headed for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) then we're in trouble.

VM machines in VMWare have booted up just as before. I was experiencing random crashes due to a keyboard hook error. These crashes always started with a sudden freezing of the guest OS and then VMWare would just suddenly quit/close. There would be no popups to tell that a crash has happened, it just closed.

I've had problems running Chrome v45 in Windows 10, to the point where the Chrome would simply freeze at launch. I tried clearing all the extensions but it would continue to freeze. Finally I managed to fix it by running a dev edition. So far the dev edition is still running/launching ok.

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