Project List

Here's a list of projects, apps, things I've built. I'll limit this list to personal/private projects.

  • Photobooth - A fully functional photobooth that takes consecutive pictures and then puts them into a pre-selected layout. It's all packaged in a Chrome app that can be installed and function offline.

  • Qer - Used by MosaicHouse during their Question & Answer portion of the service. A system to moderate/manage questions and comments sent to a number. Basically it's an end-to-end system that not only has a moderator interface, it also has a "slideshow" view that can display the moderated questions one at a time. You can also file the questions into different topics so that they can be addressed separately. It uses Twilio, Firebase, and a bit of Polymer.

  • Visual Blogger Index - Created for my wife's blog, There are a lot of wordpress plugins that create visual indexes. I wrote an angularjs directive so that all someone needs to do

  • Robo Trasher - A chrome extension that examines and scores emails for certain markers. It looks for an "expiry date" (the date where the invitation email no longer is valid, or the sale expired) and then adds a self-destruct timer (it will automatically delete after the timer has run out).

  • Fibre Interactive Light Project - Designed an animation engine for a Raspberry Pi in Python to control/animate 300+ individually addressable RGB LEDs.

  • Lovely Weather - A Tizen OS App that pulls data from built using AngularJS.

  • Flow - A Tizen OS App inspired by Streak but instead of tracking emails/leads, it allows the user to create their own process flows and then track as things move across the process.

  • Exchange - Another Tizen OS App that displays foreign currency rates. It allows the user set a base currency and all the other exchange rates are calculated against that.

  • Notesaic - A collaborative document builder for MSN Messenger. It allowed multiple people to work simultaneously on a document (add text, pictures, links, edit text, etc.) in the sidebar of the MSN chat window. This was long before the days of Zoho, Google Docs, etc.

  • DDR Dance Pad - ... yeah... you know it... this was a long time ago. Didn't have a playstation, but wanted to... dance.