Robo Trasher - The Automatic Spring Cleaner for your mailbox!

Thanks for Installing Robo Trasher!##

I wrote this extension because I needed a way to:

  1. Trash old non-spam emails that I had forgotten to delete (invitations to events that had already past, notifications that I get from social media, etc.)
  2. A cool way to "defer" deletion of emails... basicaly I want to delete an email in the future. Like doing a "This email will self-destruct in N days" spy thing.
  3. Automatically detect emails that I no longer need based on certain keywords and phrases and dates.
  4. Infer dates based on keywords (like when an email says a Christmas Sale, it should self-destruct after Christmas has passed).

All of the above detection is done only in the browser. I can't be more pleased/proud about that because this means I don't have to setup any servers to process emails and you don't have to worry about any emails being analyzed by me.

How to Use##

  1. Install Robo Trasher Extension.
  2. When Installed a notification will ask for authorization for gmail access (without this, Robo Trasher will not be able to analyze your emails). Note: no passwords nor credentials are stored in this extension.
  3. Whenever you visit your gmail inbox you'll see Robo Trasher in the browser's address bar.
  4. Click on the Robo Trasher icon to see which emails are detected as expired invitations, sales, coupons and the date they'll automatically expire.
  5. If you do nothing they will eventually be put into the trash after the expiry date.
  6. If you click on the Save button that email will be removed from the self-destruct list (i.e. it will not self-destruct after the expiry date).
  7. You can automatically self-destruct an email immediately if you click on the "date".
  8. New emails are automatically analyzed and if deemed an invitation or sales-type email, will be set to expire after the detected date of the event or sale is over.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let me know via email

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