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Windows 10 System Lags from Antimalware and Chrome

I noticed that recently on my Windows 10 laptop there were sudden lags. I launched the Task Manager (Windows Key + X, Task Manager) and noticed that there was an entry labeled Antimalware service and was taking up a lot of disk usage (15%+) and ram.

Antimalware Service Executable is the process used by Windows Defender (Microsoft's Antivirus solution). I had been quite happy with Defender in Windows 8.1 as it didn't seem to take up a lot of resources but ever since upgrading to Windows 10 I notice some lags that just didn't seem to match what I expected out of my hardware.

After some research, I came across this antivirus comparison report (pdf) which shows that Windows Defender isn't really that good in comparison to many of the other vendors.

I'm giving Bit Defender a try to see how it compares (so far, really good!)

Google's Chrome Browser has recently been freezing after a recent update (version 45) to the point where it's completely unusable (couldn't even uninstall Chrome as the uninstaller invokes the Chrome browser, which freezes). In order to "fix" it, I had to upgrade to the dev channel by manually downloading the installer via the Chrome Release Channel.

At first, I thought I had to uninstall the current version of Chrome to install a beta, or dev, but because I couldn't even uninstall I simply clicked on the installer and attempted each one. The beta (v46) still froze under Windows 10 but the dev channel (v47) seems to be back to normal.

I also read that disabling the Microsoft firewall might improve wifi performance... I haven't really seen any impacts yet but I may test that.